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Gasoline Conditioner

DFT #2000G GASOLINE CONDITIONER - a multipurpose conditioner for gasolines. It is a non-lead, non-alcohol, ashless blend of organic petrochemicals formulated specifically to prevent fuel related occurring in spark ignition engines, both on land and marine environments.

DFT #2000G is nontoxic and noncaustic, and is totally compatible with all engines, fuel systems, and filters. It is also compatible with additives used by major gasoline marketers. It does not contain any chemicals which will react with or damage any parts of the fuel system such as filters, hoses, gaskets, O-rings, fuel pumps, carburetors, injectors, pistons, rings, valves, valve seats, or cylinder walls.

DFT #2000G improves the combustion characteristics of all gasolines. Using DFT #2000 all vehicles* can achieve peak performance while using 87 octane gasolines. It eliminates and prevents formation of hard carbon deposits in the combustion chambers, valves, valve seats, valve stems, spark plugs, and injectors. DFT #2000G also eliminates and prevents varnish and sludge from building up in the fuel systems, including the carburetor and fuel tanks.

As a result, DFT #2000G will keep piston rings from sticking, will assure valve seating, will stop burnt valves, and will stop horsepower loss. Engine performance and fuel efficiency will remain at or return to new engine conditions. Owners of vehicles having more than 10,000 miles typically report fuel savings of 10 to 15% with regular use or DFT #2000G; owners of newer vehicles report fuel saving of 5 to 10%. Most regular users of DFT #2000G report being able to use regular grade (87 octane) gasoline instead of higher priced premium grades with no observable change in performance, and fewer fuel related maintenance problems.

In areas where condensation in fuel is a problem, DFT #2000G helps disperse water into the fuel.

DFT #2000G GASOLINE CONDITIONER is E.P.A. registered.

* Some very high performance, high compression ratio vehicles may need higher octane fuels.

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