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DFT #1500A 

Diesel Fuel Conditioner Antigel Formula

In addition to the proven advantages of using DFT # 1500 Diesel Fuel Conditioner, our ANTI-GEL formulation, DFT #1500A, insures fuel flow to -35 degrees F static or less. DFT #1500A works as follows:

Fuels having poor cold weather flow properties cause serious problems in diesel powered vehicles, generators, and oil fired furnaces and boilers. Growth of wax crystal lattices at low temperatures are the basic cause of flow problems in distillate fuels. Such growth depends on factors such as:

Quantity of wax in the fuel
Quantity of water in the fuel
Molecular weight of the wax
Time lapse
Fuel hydrocarbon balance

At low temperatures, wax will crystallize and agglomerate into a lattice network which will trap oil and water, causing the fuel to gel. The temperature at which wax crystals first appear is the "cloud point". The temperature at which the gel prevents the fuel to flow is the "pour point". At some intermediate temperature, the wax crystals will adhere to filters, and other narrow clearances in the fuel system and restrict/prevent fuel flow.

DFT #1500A, which is formulated with accepted anti-gel chemicals having a high concentration of hydrogen/oxygen atoms, modifies wax crystal sizes and retards the formation of the wax lattice network. It also affects the wax crystals' ability to adhere to each other or to other materials, including filters, seals and metals. Thus at low temperatures, fuel is able to flow, filters remain free of wax, and narrow clearances stay open.

Combining the proper anti-gel chemicals with DFT #1500 Diesel Fuel Conditioner provides a complete winter fuel conditioner. This unique product, DFT #1500A, insures diesel fuel flow in normal winter weather conditions, easier cold weather starting, less exhaust emissions, and better fuel economy.

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