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DFT #1500

  Diesel Fuel Conditioner

DFT #1500 "Hammerdown" is a multi-purpose diesel fuel conditioner*specifically designed to correct fuel related problems associated with the diesel engine. It is a unique blend of petrochemicals formulated specifically for today's diesel fuels. It is designed to maximize fuel performance while minimizing fuel problems. Since 1977, DFT #1500 has proved itself worldwide, both on land and in harsh marine environments.

DFT #1500 makes all fuels for diesel engines burn more efficiently, producing more power, while reducing CO, NOx and particulate (smoke) emissions. It removes and prevents hard carbon formation, a prime cause of reduced power and engine wear. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi that contaminate diesel fuels, controls gelling to 0 degrees F, stabilizes fuel, disperses water and sludge, and protects fuel systems and engine components from corrosion. DFT #1500 also improves the lubricity of fuels - a particularly important benefit when using low sulfur fuels, whose lubricity is often less than engine requirements.

Users routinely report that their diesel engine runs noticeably smoother and engine smoke stops after adding DFT #1500 to their fuel. They say that engine power is restored to "as new" levels. They report average reductions of 10% in fuel consumption and of 15 to 25% in maintenance costs. Independent tests confirm these claims.

DFT #1500 "Hammerdown" is totally compatible with all engines, filters, and fuel systems. It is nontoxic and noncaustic, contains no metals or alcohols, and requires no special handling, special storage, or disposal. It is gauranteed to contain no chemicals capable of harming any engine parts.

DFT #1500 is E.P.A. registered, U.S. Coast Guard approved, and certified for national defense fuels use.

* FUEL CONDITIONERS are multi-purpose organic compounds designed to improve fuel performance. They should prevent bacterial growth, dissipate water, prevent fuel system corrosion, dissolve gums, sludges & varnish, lubricate fuel system components, prevent carbon build-up, reduce emissions, restore engine power, and be compatible with all engine parts.

*FUEL ADDITIVES are organic, inorganic, or synthetic compounds designed to treat one fuel problem. Typically they contain alcohol, mineral spirits, boron compounds, and/or metal compounds.


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