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What Users say about DFT #1500 "Hammerdown" 


County School Bus Systems
"Our problem was a heavy black smoke coming from the exhaust system.... We tried it [DFT #1500] and the smoke problem was greatly reduced."
Transportation Supervisor

"We are under strict opacity laws...this fuel conditioner has accomplished cutting our opacity 40 to 60 percent.... We have experienced a good savings in fuel consumption... I do find a considerable savings when it comes to injection pump repairs and injector maintenance. We no longer pull them down on PM intervals due to the reduction in carbon on the injector nozzles... This product has lived up to my expectation and I would highly recommend Hammerdown."
Maintenance Supervisor


N.O.A.A. Research Ship
"After 27,000 engine hours I decided to reinspect the engines... We found an absence of carbon buildup... We found no significant wear on any engine parts. Your product was responsible for saving in not having to clean or repair any of our 25 fuel tanks. There is little doubt that our continued use of 'Hammerdown® ' was instrumental in the increased engine life and resultant reduced maintenance costs."
Chief Engineer


Marine Towing Company
"To date, we have had only favorable results when using DFT #1500. The combined benefits in terms of direct fuel and filter cost savings and potential maintenance cost reduction have given us good reason to recommend this product."
Operations Manager


Mississippi River Push Boat
"In 8 months of using 'Hammerdown® ' I've never changed the injectors on the mains or the generators. Whenever I've pulled the injectors out, they have looked brand new....... no carbon buildup on the tips, and no more 'black stacking'."
Chief Engineer


Offshore Salvage Company
"To my delight and surprise there has been an obvious improvement in all of the machinery on the barge. Not only did your product save us the cost of an overhaul, but more importantly, we didn't have to stop work to do it. We have suffered no down time since using 'Hammerdown® '."
Director of Operations


Used 5 years in EMD-645E-16 engines with high and low sulfur #2. "Our fuel saving is a solid 15% due to a cleaner, more efficient burn. Our cylinder head and piston change out has reduced 50% due to no carbon buildup causing heat buildup on piston crowns and valve chambers.... I would recommend using this product with no hesitation."
Chief Mechanical Officer


USCG Patrol Boat
"Our first day of patrol after treating, the knocking sound went away... The unit engineers found that the engines had quit smoking and that the engines seemed to be idling better than ever before."
Chief Engineer


World Cruise Ship
"We have 4 Bergen main engines and 3 Bergen generator engines that consumed an average 10.56 cub. per 24 hours before starting treatment with DFT #1500 "HAMMERDOWN® " fuel conditioners. From the start of using DFT #1500 in July of 1994 to June of 1994 our fuel consumption decreased to an average of 9.33 cub. per 24 hours. This is a fuel savings of 11.6% for the first month. Our average fuel savings are at a steady 13-14% and our maintenance has been considerably reduced."
Chief Engineer, Seabourn Cruise Lines


Ship Freight Company
"The Captain reported the engine power improvements allowed him to increase wheel pitch and to gain about 1 1/2 knots... Before we began using DFT #1500, her normal run took about 7 1/2 days (round trip sailing time), and she consumed about 20,000 gallons of fuel. Since we began adding DFT #1500, we have had 5 runs to Guatemala. Sailing time has been reduced to 7 days and fuel consumption has been reduced by 1800 gallons per voyage."

Specific Comments about DFT #1500 "Hammerdown"® 

"I have been a Marine Engine Engineer for 30 years and am well aware of fuel additives. They either work partly or not at all....
"There was no wear in the engines and the normal build up of hard carbon was noticeably missing. With 23,000 hours of operation this was unusual....
"The main contributing factor for the excellent condition of his and the lack of fuel problems: bacteria, sludge, etc. is directly related to the continued use of DFT #1500.
"40,000 engine hours of operation, without any adverse effects to the engine or the fuel system, says DFT #1500 ... deserves recommendation for use. I recommend to any and all interested parties the use of DFT #1500, a fuel additive that works."

s/ R.D. Costello
Alco Engineer
July 25, 1985

"Use of this product [DFT #1500 "Hammerdown® "] will not affect the warranty of any Cummins component."

s/ D.R. Brower
Engineering Department
January 14, 1990

"Since you introduced DFT#1500 "Hammerdown® " to me over two years ago, I have had the opportunity to see the effect of its use both in my personal vehicle and in Detroit Diesel engines. I have never seen any damage to any engine. And since the evidence suggests that your product helps correct fuel related problems., I have been willing to recommend that you contact those Detroit Diesel owners who experience such problems."

s/ T.M. Kennedy, Jr.
President, warranty repair facility
November 10, 1992

 "Provided the manufacturer's instruction are followed, we have nothing against the use of DFT #1500 "Hammerdown® " [during the warranty period]."

s/ Martinus Pedersen
Construction Division
January 13, 1994

"Treated fuel would be well within the maximum allowable under aviation turbine fuel specification limits and/or acceptable industry standards.... It is our opinion that continued use of fuels treated with DFT #1500 Hammerdown®  in the prescribed manner would not be detrimental to engine parts or operation."

s/ O.D. Pletcher
Chief Chemist
October 15, 1976


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